A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds

Low, Rosemary

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Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviar/Low, Rosemary/Paper/0975081764/S037-F


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Publisher: ABK Publications
ISBN-13: 9780975081761
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2006
This superb colourful title authored by Rosemary Low, includes 168 pages of comprehensive information on this species in the wild and in captivity as an aviary and companion bird.

Features colour photographs.

History, In the Wild, Worldwide Trade, Subspecies, Physical Characteristics, Colour Mutations, Abnormal Colouration.

In Captivity - Accomodation for Breeding Pairs, Breeding, Artifical Incubation, Handrearing, Holiday Care, A Healthy Diet and Diseases & Disorders.

As Companion Birds - Selection and Purchase, Preparing a Home for your New Pet, Enrichment and Mental Stimulation, General Care, Pet Characteristics and Traits, Talking and Mimicry, Psychology and Common Behavioural Problems.
ID: 24468
Code: AK000028