Aboriginal Fables and Legendary Tales

Reed, A. W.

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Aboriginal Fables and Legendary Tales/Reed, A. W./Paper/187633410X/S007-B


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Publisher: Reed New Holland
ISBN-13: 9781876334109
Series: Aboriginal Library
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1998
How did the porcupine get his spikes? How was the Murray River made? Filled with mythical half-human, half-animal beings like the Rainbow Snake and the woman who changed into a kangaroo, this extraordinary collection of legends and fables explains how the animals and birds appeared in Australia, and how the lakes, rivers and mountains were made.

Gathered from all over Australia, these legends have been passed down through the tribes for thousands of years. Here they are retold for a new generation of readers.

Aboriginal Fables and Legendary Tales is a magical introduction to the world of Aboriginal folklore and the Dreamtime, for all those interested in Australia's colourful history.
ID: 14927
Code: NH000046