Bombs, Guns and Knives: Violent Crime in Australia

Brown, Malcolm (Editor)

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Bombs, Guns and Knives: Violent Crime /Brown, Malcolm/Paper/1864366680/S015-B


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Publisher: New Holland
ISBN-13: 9781864366686
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2000
"When he opened fire, the diners, crammed into a confined space, had little chance of escaping. Bryant fired at forty of them, aiming at heads and necks, killing twenty and wounding twelve others."

"At 12.30 am, a Sydney City Council garbage truck picked up the contents of a rubbish bin outside the Hilton Hotel's George Street entrance... The driver felt a puff of wind, saw an orange flash and heard a thunderous explosion."

"Police had intelligence that bikie gangs were amassing huge arsenals of weapons, including hand grenades, rocket-launchers, land mines and machine-guns. The intelligence indicated that there were plans by the bikie clubs to rationalise, to reduce the number of clubs from twenty-two to six by the year 2000."

"The ghastly spectacle of the Backpacker Murders, 1989-1992, when seven young people were abducted, ravaged, murdered and left to rot in a state forest, left many people sad and soulful."

This book is about violence. It is about bombs - the heavy artillery of the criminal world - which shatter peace, and lives, and individuals, often indiscriminately. It is about guns, without which such atrocities as the Port Arthur and Strathfield massacres would not have occurred. And it is about knives which, when all else fails, are the ultimate resort of the villain.

Malcolm Brown, author of Australian Crime: Chilling Tales of Our Time and Rorting: The Great Australian Crime, has been the top crime writer for the Sydney Morning Herald for over twenty years. In Bombs, Guns and Knives, he heads a team of leading investigative journalists to provide an enthralling account of the nature of violent crime in this country.
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