How the Stock Market Really Works: An Australian Sharebuyers Guide, 4th Edition

Roth, Martin

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Publisher: Wrightbooks
ISBN-13: 9781876627836
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2001
The first edition of this title, published in 1996, quickly appeared on bestseller list and sold out within 12 months. It was replaced by a second revised edition which, too, was a sell-out success. And the investment scene in Australia is changing so fast that this third edition is now needed. As well as explaining recent changes, and how they affect investors, this fully revised edition covers new systems, new investment methods, new products, new rules for investing and above all, the enormous impact of the Internet as more and more stockbrokers, quoted companies and investors go on line. Not surprisingly this new book is considerably bigger than previous editions - it had to be to pack in all the information needed for investing in the new millennium.

The growth of the Australian Stock Exchange, and the number of stock market investors, over the past few years has been phenomenal. Will it continue? Well, more and more money is being pumped into compulsory superannuation every year and the big fund managers must find a home for it all. At the other end of the scale there are more private investors than ever before and as their investment power - and their degree of sophistication - increases the more they influence events.

Certainly the ASX is at the centre of an enormous money-go-round and whether prices of individual shares go up or down the underlying, long-term wealth will be there. This book will show first-time investors how to be a part of the action and will help existing shareholders to better understand how the stock market operates and update them on the recent changes and developments.
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