Cornish, D. M.

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Lamplighter/Cornish, D. M./Paper/1862916888/S026-D


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Publisher: Scholastic Australia
ISBN-13: 9781862916883
Series: Monster Blood Tattoo
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2009
The sequel to Foundling, Lamplighter sees that Half-Continent becoming even more unsafe - monster attacks, and every village is calling for help!

Into this dangerous landscape the lamplighters must venture daily, keeping the roads safely lit for travellers. Rossamund Bookchild, sworn into the Emperor's Service as a prentice lamplighter, is finding his training at Winstermill Fortress diffi cult and lonely. His life is further complicated by the arrival of a young wit determined to spite her famous mother by becoming a lowly lantern-stick. As Rossamund begins to make new friends in this sinister world, he also seems to make more enemies.
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Code: AS00727