Morgan's Run

McCullough, Colleen

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Publisher: Arrow
ISBN-13: 9780099280989
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2001
For the first time since her hugely popular bestseller The Thorn Birds captivated millions of readers, Colleen McCullough returns to Australia with a breathtaking new historical saga.

It was one of the greatest human experiments ever undertaken: to populate an unknown land with the criminal, the unloved and the unwanted of English society. "The First Fleet" was sent to a place no European but the legendary Captain Cook had ever seen.

Left to live or die on the hostile Australian continent, these convicts - and their equally isolated guards - occupy the centre of Colleen McCullough's compelling new epic. Richard Morgan - convicted felon and educated, intelligent, resourceful man - finds the will to survive, experience the joys of love, and finally make an indelible mark upon the new frontier. A thoroughly researched historical saga, rich in romance, adventure and unforgettable characters, Morgan's Run has the makings of a modern classic.
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Code: RH001525