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The Deity Dozen

Harman, Andrew

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Deity Dozen/Harman, Andrew/Paper/0099681013/S047-B2


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Publisher: Legend
ISBN-13: 9780099681014
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
Seirizzim, the newly 'elected' Undertaker-in-Chief of Mortropolis, the Underworld City, believed in "One Demon, One Vote" ... as long as that demon was him. He had already introduced a new word into the infernal vocabulary; a word that spread terror whenever it was mentioned. That word was "efficiency" and its effects were being felt everywhere. Immigration was being automated, insect-like mhodemms littered the skies, carrying messages, even the ferrymen who plied their trade across the oozing Phlegethon were likely to be replaced by a tunnel. The under-demons Flagit and Nabob couldn't do anything to stop Seirizzim's efficiency drive. Nor could anybody else. Or could they? The Reverend Vex Screed was a preacher for hire, and Mortroplis represented the biggest challenge of his life - bringing the message to a whole city of demons. But the minor deity whose cunning plan he represented couldn't have foreseen the hilarious consequences of his actions!
ID: 12987
Code: RH000857