The New Dinkum Aussie Dictionary

Beckett, Richard

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New Dinkum Aussie Dictionary/Beckett, Richa/Paper/1864366451/S040-F


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Publisher: New Holland
ISBN-13: 9781864366457
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2000
This dictionary has been published on a need-to-know basis. Because Aussies speak like nobody else on this great, wide planet, you need to read this book to really understand what's going on Down Under. For instance, if someone told you to rattle your dags what would you do? Are you the sort of lair who likes to stir the possum? And how would you answer someone who says, "Have you had a bit too much of the lunatic soup at the rubbity, cobber?

These typical examples of Aussie slang sound like complete nonsens, but this book tells you otherwise. Chockers with classic lines and incisive observations, The Dinkum aussie Dictionary is one of Australia's most popular slang dictionaries. The New Dinkum Aussie Dictionary is a completely revised and expanded edition of this perennial favourite.
ID: 16945
Code: NH000070