The Resurrectionists

Wilkins, Kim

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Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780732268121
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2001
To her horror, she could see a figure standing beside the oak tree. Pressed up close to it, just half a silhouette...the shape didn't move, and she started to believe it was merely a shadow behind the oak. But then it detached itself from the tree and took one pace out.

On the wild Yorkshire coast, Maisie hopes to uncover the secret of the long-running feud between her mother and her recently deceased grandmother, Sybill. But the locals in the tiny village of Solgreve are hardly welcoming. It seems the only person interested in talking to her is the dark-eyed gypsy, Sacha.

In one of Sybill's old trunks Maisie finds a diary written by a young woman in the eighteenth century. Georgette eloped with her poet lover from London to Solgreve - and entered a gothic world of grave robbing and diabolical science.

Then Maisie starts seeing a figure that exudes unearthly evil outside her tiny cottage. Gradually she uncovers the terrifying dark secrets of Solgreve, secrets that contain an evil that threatens to claim her...

Praise for Kim Wilkins:

"The new queen of the dark side." - Freda Warrington, author of A Taste of Blood Wine.

"Wilkins's richly bloody fantasy is a real page-turner." - The Sydney Morning Herald.

"An excellent blend of the modern Gothic and the richly historical...providing a literary feast for anyone starved for imaginative, chilling, engrossing reads about the Craft." - Witchcraft.

"Move over Poppy Z. Brite - Australia has its own madam of horror. Wilkins has produced a book that will make your skin crawl and your hair stand on end." - Herald-Sun.
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Code: HC000226