Time Dilation: A Challenge to Einstein's Special Relativity

Doan, John

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Time Dilation: A Challenge to Einstein/Doan, John/Paper/0646363816/S014-E


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Publisher: JDX
ISBN-13: 9780646363813
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1998
This is a book no one should read. Not only does it do nothing, it can make you understand Einstein and realize he's wrong.

"A major fallacy unique in scientific history." Have you ever read the book Has Hawking Erred written by Gerhard Kraus in 1993 with that daring statement about Einstein's time dilation?

"The fact that nearly all academic physicists support Special Relativity proves nothing about its validity," said by John Chappell Jr., chairman of NPA, in 1996. Did you know that 90 years after Einstein's Relativity publication, physicists still fail to stop their own colleagues' criticism against the theory?

"All motions may be accelerated and retarded, but the flowing of absolute time is liable to no change," said Isaac Newton. Did you know that all so-called evidence thought to confirm Einstein's time dilation, in fact only confirm Newton's law that motion can be changed, but time is still absolute?
  • Have you ever wondered what time is?
  • What is time dilation?
  • What is space curvature?
  • Why can our space be curved?
  • Did you ever feel sick of hearing physicists admit how confused they are about time, yet they can be so sure of time dilation?
  • Did you ever feel convinced listening to physicists describe what 4-dimensional space-time is like, while saying you cannot draw it?
  • Did you ever feel stupid for not understanding Einstein and Relativity but still happily accepting it?
  • Did you ever dare think Einstein is wrong, but not dare say it due to your limited Math and Physics?
  • Whatever your favourite excuse, do you ever believe one day you CAN understand Einstein and realize he is wrong?
If you never bother asking those questions, don't read this book for this book is nothing but a challenge to Einstein's Relativity!
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