25 Essential Sites For Mastering Your Life

Stevenson, Tony

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Publisher: MKD Software Consulting
ISBN-13: TSTS000001
Series: 25es
Binding: Spiral
Year Published: 2004
All of us, no matter what age we're at, would like to think that we're in total control of our life. Or that if we're currently going through some tough times, we can somehow eventually wrestle control back so that, once again, we're on top of things.

Now, thanks to the resources of the Internet, you can dramatically change the way that you live.

The Net has revolutionized the manner in which information is created and passed on. And its long term social impact will undoubtedly be greater than the upheaval which resulted from the invention of the printing press.

For example, you can tap into a multitude of resources that are now published online to find yourself a new partner; manage your finances; start a brand new hobby; launch a business; get fit; communicate with people around the world; and read more widely than you ever thought was possible.

By utilizing the Net, and all that it offers to its full potential, it is possible to:
  • Attain success, however you may define it.
  • Eliminate loneliness. You can now reach out to literally thousands and thousands of people just about anywhere in the world. And all from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Find a purpose in life. There are now Web sites devoted to every worthwhile cause imaginable.

    Entertain yourself. For instance, play all sorts of games online. Or learn to play a musical instrument. Maybe teach yourself how to dance. Or listen to whatever sort of music that you prefer, from jazz or classical to blues and rock and roll (and all sorts of music in between).
  • Overcome boredom. Actually, there's no longer any valid excuse for being bored with so much available to do online.
Unfortunately, there's a major problem that you'll have to overcome first.

Today, with so much material published on the Net, and with even more being added on a daily basis, how can you quickly and easily find the information that you need?

Of course you could always use your favourite search engine!

But as we all know, search engines more often than not return too much information.

More than likely though, you simply don't have the time, or even the inclination, to laboriously wade your way through pages and pages of search results (most of which won't be relevant to what you're looking for anyway).

There has to be a better way!

Now there is! Thanks to the book 25 Essential Sites For Mastering Your Life.

This book is just one of the titles in the innovative "25 Essential Sites" series of books. Examples of other books are 25 Essential Sites For Mastering The Net and 25 Essential Sites For Mastering Small Business.

25 Essential Sites For Mastering Your Life is fast and convenient to read because of its compact size. And together with its companion site, this book can quickly direct you to the information that you require using just a few clicks of your mouse.
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