A Place Called Hope

Howard, Audrey

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Place Called Hope/Howard, Audrey/Paper/0340769297/S056-D2


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Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN-13: 9780340769294
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2001
To Sir Robert Blenkinsopp, his frail, exquisite wife Amy is just another possession - to be used, misused or discarded like anything else at Newton Law, his grand estate on the wild Northumberland moors. A tyrant, a lecher, a debaucher of women, he resolves to tame her or destroy her for having the impertinence to leave him. And since he has her adored six-month-old son in his hands, it seems there is nothing that Amy can do except return to his power and suffer the consequences.

The gamekeeper they call Duffy thinks he has never seen anything quite so brave as Amy Blenkinsopp as she faces up to her husband - and is overjoyed when the brute is found unconscious at the bottom of his own staircase, deprived of the power of speech and movement.

When she takes over the management of Sir Robert's property on behalf of her son Robby, Amy's true, joyful personality emerges. With the help of Sir Robert's servants and the increasingly devoted Duffy, she makes the estate not only happier but richer as well. And nearly nine months later, when she gives birth to twin babies, it seems that her story will hove a happy ending.

But Sir Robert Blenkinsopp is not dead. Imprisoned in the wreck of his body, his only companion a loathsome servant, he is plotting a vicious revenge on Amy, on her children, and on the man who has come to love her.

The powerful story of Amy Blenkinsopp's courage is Audrey Howard at her unforgettable best.
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