Amerika Psycho: Behind Uncle Sam's Mask of Sanity

Neville, Richard

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Amerika Psycho: Behind Uncle Sam's Mas/Neville, Richa/Paper/1876175621/S056-E2


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Publisher: Ocean Press
ISBN-13: 9781876175627
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2002
Is Uncle Sam a psychopath?

In his new book, Richard Neville mocks a culture that sees the world as either a "target market or a target"; a culture that through its movies, media, politics and foreign policy revels a disturbing identification with Imperial Rome, asserting the sanctity of its lifestyle, even as the icecaps melt.

Neville provoked outrage for his essay describing the United States as a nation out of control and "bent on serving its own interests at any cost". Following September 11, the essay was seen as prophetic. Now, Neville warns, "the wounded Goliath is on the rampage", stuck in a "psychic gridlock of us/them, good/evil". Insisting he is not anti-American, Neville believes the choice is stark: self-discovery for Uncle Sam, or the further destruction of Earth.
ID: 15971
Code: AT000029