An Ill Fate Marshalling

Cook, Glen

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Publisher: Tor
ISBN-13: 9780812533798
Series: Dread Empire
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1988
In Itaskia: the Greyfellen lords send murderous sorcery against Kavelin. In Hammad al Nakir: the Monster-maker of the Great Wars returns from the dead. In Shinsan: invading armies rip across the Mountains of M'Hand. In the east: an ancient horror threatens the world...

But in Kavelin, King Bragi Ragnorson toys with destiny - and disaster. Rejecting the advice of the wizard Varthlokkur and spymaster Michael Trebilcock, Bragi joins Chatelain Mist's coup against the Dread Empire, and Lady Yasmid's schemes to take the Peacock Throne. Risking his power, friendships, dreams, Ragnorson dangles the fate of his nation in the jaws of his foes, refusing to see that his one true enemy may be...

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