Robinson, Kim Stanley

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Antarctica/Robinson, Kim /Paper/0002253933/S049-C1


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Publisher: Voyager
ISBN-13: 9780002253932
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1997
Antarctica - our last wilderness - but for how long? Like the icecap it protects, the Antarctic Treaty is dissolving. The world's last unstripped asset, Antartica is becoming a free-for-all - oil companies intent on mass extraction, adventure travellers trailing waste across the tundra, strategic interest covertly vying for influence. The free-for-all has become a benefit-to-none. So reasons a new radical enviraonmental group who embark on a desperate course of 'ecotage' to show humanity that Antarctica cannot be plundered like the rest of the world. They try to avoid loss of life, but in Antarctica eve a slight disruption can have devestating consequences... From the master of modern sf, comes a gripping, provocative eco-thriller set early in the next century. 'Staggering ... Required reading for the colonists of the next century' - Arthur C. Clarke. 'A beautiful book - to be lived in. Let most of it be true' - Daily Telegraph. 'One of the finest works of American SF' - The Times.
ID: 13639
Code: BU000354