Asleep at the Wheel: Australia on the Superhighway

Nieuwenhuizen, John

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Asleep at the Wheel: Australia on the /Nieuwenhuizen,/Paper/0733305504/S054-A2


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Publisher: ABC Books
ISBN-13: 9780733305504
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1997
The prophets and profiteers of the digital age have convinced us that the superhighway will enrich our lives in ways previously unimagined. But, digitally diverted from their duty to the public, have politicians and the media been seduced by the illusions of the same salesmen? The pitch is that more information is better. That education, entertainment and work will be more efficient. That government will function better, and that society and the family will be strengthened in cyberspace. But do we know how? 'Asleep at the Wheel' challenges the herd mentality that has led us to race unthinkingly on to the superhighway. It asks why so little energy has been expended examining the 'big picture' issues that surround the superhighway: * How does information overload threaten education? * How will the function of government change once we are all wired up? * How will families and the community really benefit? Very few of the world's problems are likely to be solved by indulging our obsession with the new technology, the main purpose of which is to gather and disseminate ever-increasing quantities of information. The superhighway could be one of the most ill-considered ventures of our century with policymakers and the public blinded by the hype and glitz of those who stand to make fortunes. Now is the time to question whether the superhypeway will bring us the benefits promised. Now is not the time to fall asleep at the wheel.
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