Wongar, B

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Babaru/Wongar, B/Paper/020717069X/S033-B


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Publisher: Angus & Robertson
ISBN-13: 9780207170690
Series: Imprint
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1991
"Babaru means family and the stories are about characters who seem related to one anotheràtold from the mouths and minds of phenomenal people who sense that all the natural things of the earth - water, trees, rocks, storms and dingoes - are inhabited by spirits at least as refined and worthy of respect as their ownà Wongar's stories are as compelling as uniquely beautiful poems and his spareness very powerful." - The New Renaissance, Boston.

"Wongar's is a world that is magical and beauteous yet grim and unrelenting. We see the world many times through the eyes of animal totems, the brothers and sisters of the narrator's people. They are dingoes and cockatoos and men and women and childrenàBabaru is a marvellous introduction to Wongar's work. It opens the door to an entirely unique world of human life and struggle. There is a tone to this work that is absolutely unlike anything you have ever read before." - Amira Baraka.
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Code: DJ000008