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Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
ISBN-13: 9780330424493
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2008
Blaze exposes the new order of women and power in the cutthroat arena of upmarket magazines. The idealistic baby boomers have been pushed aside and it's every woman for herself.

Ali Gruber, 28, is slick, smart, ambitious. She is determined to be editor of the New York edition of Blaze, the world's most popular magazine. But fate intervenes, taking Ali back to the closely guarded secret of her Australian childhood.

Nina Jansous, 60, is the founder of the internationally famous Blaze. Croatian-born and Australian-raised, the elegant Nina is haunted by memories of her past. From New York to Sydney, Paris to Zagreb, Nina searches for the one person who can make her life complete.

Larissa Kelly, 35, has everything - a prestigious publishing career and a loving man. But can the relationship survive when he's a stockbroker in New York's Greenwich Village, and she's been posted to Blaze's new magazine in Sydney, trying to soother the staff reeling from the arrival of Ali, their new ruthless editor?

Miche Bannister, 22, wants to be a journalist and follow in her late mother's footsteps. In Paris, Miche infiltrates the champagne world of sixteen-year-old supermodel Jessica Shaw and finds, beyond the haute couture, a murky world of designer drugs and sexual abuse. And should she reveal what she uncovers when faced with her mother's nemesis? It's a hard choice between ethics and a sensational story that could make her name.

Blaze is an intimate look at four women coping with their private and public lives in the world of magazines. A world where scheming and fox cunning seem to beat skill and talent, where sexism and ageism in office politics label women over thirty over the hill.

Blaze is the story of woman trying to survive, to compete, while maintaining friendships and finding happiness. In this pressure cooker world, something has to give and for some women it isn't worth the fight. For others, it's all or nothing.

Absorbing. Biting. Funny. Real. Blaze doesn't pull punches.
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