Blood Feuds

Stirling, S. M./ Tarr, Judith/ Shwartz, Susan/ Turtledove, Harry

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Blood Feuds/Stirling, S. M/Paper/067172150X/S052-C1


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Publisher: Baen
ISBN-13: 9780671721503
Series: War World created by Jerry Pournelle
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1993
It has been three hundred years since the Sauron remnant fled in secret to Haven. Blasted back into savagery by nuclear weapons, divided among themselves by bitter feuds, the human inhabitants were helpless before the initial onslaught of these gene-designed demons who walked like men and fought like battle computers. To the Saurons, humans were merely two-legged cattle, a source of breeding females and other tribute. But now a new voice is heard on Haven - a summons that will unite nomad and farmer, Mongol, Russki and Jew. Aiysha, sister and daughter of Juchi the Accursed, has raised a banner that will sweep across the steppes like a wind of fire. Soon the tribes will meet before the Sauron Citadel - there to encounter the forces of a mad Cyborg Battlemaster in a final struggle to retake their world. Blood Feuds - and No Mercy.
ID: 13032
Code: BT000079