Blood of the Fold

Goodkind, Terry

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Blood of the Fold/Goodkind, Terr/Paper/0752889788/S004-C


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Publisher: Millennium
ISBN-13: 9780752889788
Series: Sword of Truth, Book 3
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2008
In a land of myth and magic, one honest man holds the key to the future of an entire World. Hidden deep within the recesses of time and space the agents of darkness are plotting his downfall...

Thwarted by Richard Cypher, wielder of the Sword of Truth, and his lover Kahlan, the Mother Confessor, the forces of evil are not content to rest in defeat. The sealed realm of the Old World is sending out sorcerous emissaries to win to its cause the Blood of the Fold - a fanatical group of anti-magic zealots. This malign combination of Old and New World tears a huge rent in the Midlands' hard-won justice and an Armageddon of unimagined proportions threatens. The only hope for the World is the Truth: one man is Truth's eternal touchstone… Richard Cypher.

'Blood of the Fold' is the third volume in the classic Sword of Truth sequence - a series of novels that will ensure that Terry Goodkind is remembered as the Tolkien of his day…
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Code: AU000087