Blueprints: Solving the Mystery of Evolution

Edey, Maitland A./ Johanson, Donald C.

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Blueprints: Solving the Mystery of Evo/Edey, Maitland/Paper/0140132651/S056-B1


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Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN-13: 9780140132656
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1990
Theories of evolution have themselves evolved through the dedication - and eccentricities - of a diverse and often competitive collection of scientific adventurers, men such as:
  • Charles Darwin, a reclusive man, who published The Origin of Species only under the threat of being scooped by another scientist;
  • T. H. Morgan, who ran the famous lab at Columbia University - swarming with escaped fruit flies - where mutations were first explained;
  • Francis Crick, who brilliantly unravelled the structure of the DNA molecule;
  • Stanley L. Miller, who re-created amino acids, the building blocks of life, in a test tube.
As we stand at the threshold of directing our own evolution through technology, Blueprints provides a fascinating overview of where the unruly ways and workings of scientific genius have led us - and where they might take us in the future.
ID: 13033
Code: BT000080