Chasing Unicorns

Askey-Doran, Roni

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Chasing Unicorns/Askey-Doran, R/Paper/0975760017/S048-D2


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Publisher: Unicorn Press
ISBN-13: 9780975760017
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
Carl Rutherford is an award-winning businessman. He’s a respected member of the community, a board member on a number of prominent construction companies. His friends include the mayor, the police commissioner and several high-profile senators. Carl is also a paedophile.

Chasing Unicorns is the story of Carl’s victims and how they endured their intense suffering. Each of them chooses the road to survival, while somehow managing to stay sane. The four women unite, and decide they will march together up the long winding path to redemption.

Carl is arrested and brought before the courts. He is confronted by his victims, each of whom have struggled to come to terms with the abuse. During the judicial process, the women meet each other for the first time and form strong bonds and friendships. They join forces and fight their nemesis together. Can they win against such a rich and influential man?
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Code: AA000278