Crossing Heaven

Attwood, Irene

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Crossing Heaven/Attwood, Irene/Paper/1920884491/S047-D2


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Publisher: Poseidon Books
ISBN-13: 9781920884499
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2004
This is more than a thrilling love story between Reel, a fallen rock 'n roll angel, and the captivating young earth woman, Jessie. It is a parable of sorry angels crossing from hell to heaven's gate in wait of judgement day. Where traitors from across the stars seek to enact the coup détat of heaven, stealing earth and destroying all flesh in the process.

Intertwined in this creeps the sinister Lightning Hand who stalks Reel and Jessie's every move in his bid to take power and control. In the meantime the Lord of the wounded hands strives to reveal truth while rescuing the hounded and distraught couple. His ultimate aim is to expose Lightning Hand's treacherous plans to bring about a cataclysmic end to all things, as we know it.

Who is Jessie? Where does she come from? Who has given her extraordinary powers, for what purpose? Will Reel and Jessie end up together or will the powers of hell drive them apart forever?

Read this provocative, exciting and touching book to find out answers to questions you never dared ask before. Come visit a universe where all is not what it seems. Where true love has its day in a most unusual way.

Experience for yourself the romance, intrigue and adventure of heaven versus hell in-acted upon planet earth. You will be moved in ways you never dreamed possible.
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