Curse of the Black Heron

Lisle, Holly

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Curse of the Black Heron/Lisle, Holly/Paper/0671878689/S055-A1


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Publisher: Baen
ISBN-13: 9780671878689
Series: Bard's Tale
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1998
Too Much Power + Too Little Training = Catastrophe (No matter how good the intentions).

Isbetta - Izzy to her friends - had happy memories from when she was very young, and her father had been one of the greatest Bards in the land. But that was before she was given over to a foster mother who raised her in poverty, apprenticing her to a weaver. Now, Izzy was looking forward to being free of both her apprenticeship and her foster mother, just a few days away, and making her own living as a weaver.

Then a new ruler seized the throne of country by force, and Izzy and her friend Giraud, only surviving heir of an out-of-favor Lord, were running for their lives. They would be pursued by assassins, captured by a monster who demanded that they free it from a curse, make friends, with a dwarf, and be entrusted with a spell that was supposed to remake the world entire - a spell with a fatal flaw. And Izzy would find that her father had not abandoned her, but had been murdered by a mysterious figure known as the Black Heron. Determined to find the Black Heron, she would search using her newly discovered powers as a Bard. Unfortunately, she lacked any Bardic training, and was much too powerful a Bard for her own good - and perhaps, for the good of the whole world...
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