Card, Orson Scott

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Earthfall/Card, Orson Sc/Paper/1857239776/S051-A1


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Publisher: Orbit
ISBN-13: 9781857239775
Series: Homecoming, Book 4
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2000
The Oversoul of the colony planet Harmony selected the family of Wetchik to carry it back to long-lost Earth. Now grown a tribe in the years of their journey to Harmony's hidden starport, they are ready at last to take a ship to the stars. But from the beginning there has been bitter dispute between Wetchik's sons. The voyage will take decades, during which time the tribe will be held in cold-sleep capsules. But the two factions have different plans, while only the Oversoul holds the key to all their futures.
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Code: P102218