Enchantment's Edge: The Orb and the Spectre

Williamson, Philip G

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Enchantment's Edge: The Orb and the Sp/Williamson, Ph/Paper/0340666692/S056-C1


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Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
ISBN-13: 9780340666692
Series: Enchantment's Edge, Volume 1
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
The Threatened Kingdom Enchantment's Edge is a small kingdom which lies, as its name suggests, close upon the border of the mysterious land known as Enchantment from where strange magical energies seep, borne invisibly on unnatural breezes. Thus, untamed magic resides in the very air, in the land itself, of Enchantment's Edge. It is a time of tension and impending conflict. From the south-west have come the Krai, a brutal warrior race not wholly human, one of whose armies now waits just a few leagues from the border with monstrous creatures, the work of powerful sorcery, in its ranks. For King Leth and his beautiful young queen, Issul, treacherous intrigues both human and otherworldly await. And a desperate quest into a land of warring gods in search of keys to mysteries deep and dark lies ahead....
ID: 14296
Code: HH003733