Evil by Design

Santer, Lynn

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Publisher: Equilibrium Books
ISBN-13: 9781920764319
Series: Sins of Life, Part 3
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2003
From best-selling UK author Lynn Santer comes the final chapter in the Sins of Life trilogy and the sequel to Into The Fire, complete with a bonus novella, Land Of The Free, which graphically highlights the plight of Africa's big cats and the tireless efforts of those who battle to ensure their survival.

Charlene Tynsworth has given up a privileged existence to devote her life to animal welfare in Zimbabwe. When Paula Goodfellow (a successful wildlife photographer) hears what Charlene is up against, she’s horrified. She wants to expose the gruesome atrocities being committed against endangered big game, but how? Paula lives ten thousand miles away from where unethical wealthy hunters are killing even orphaned leopard cubs with packs of hounds.

A wildlife artist (whose career Paula helps launch) offers to donate money to help the cause. But the artist’s scheming lover (Lisa) has other ideas. Lisa would rather discredit Paula, believing that way she can take Paula’s place in society. Lisa’s scheming eventually forces Paula to back away from the exposé, but not before a covert team Paula secretly hired has left to obtain footage of the atrocities.

Land Of The Free is a fictional novella inspired by actual events.

Evil By Design:

This Time It's Genocide By Stealth!

Sandra and James reconcile in an attempt to find Sandra’s missing friend Greta. Following a trail of money from Zurich to Lisbon, they inadvertently expose a plot insidiously evil by design.

Greta’s estranged husband, Heinrich, is running Reager Laboratories with billions the Nazis looted during WWII. On the surface, Reager Laboratories looks perfectly legitimate, one of many companies looking into genetically engineering food crops. But below the main facility, Heinrich has been conducting terrifying experiments.

Finding themselves embroiled with Mossad, secret societies and global politics, Sandra and James are thrown into the middle of a conspiracy that could change the balance of power in the world. The consequences of Heinrich’s research are so chilling, and so possible that the revelation will leave you gasping for breath.
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