Exile's Valor

Lackey, Mercedes

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Exile's Valor/Lackey, Merced/Paper/0756402212/S025-C


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Publisher: Daw
ISBN-13: 9780756402211
Series: Valdemar
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2004
Alberich was a Herald of Valdemar, but once he had been a captain in the army of Karse. It hadn't been easy for Alberich to transfer his loyalties, nor had it been easy for the court of Valdemar to accept a Karsite Herald. But Alberich had more than proved himself during the Tedrel War when he had almost single-handedly turned the tide of battle, winning honor and respect from the troops, and victory for Valdemar.

Valdemar had suffered terrible casualties during this bloody conflict. Worst of all, they had lost their king, a tragedy which forced his teenage daughter Selenay, weakened by sorrow and still in mourning, to ascend the throne prematurely. But the Valdemaran Council saw Selenay's ascension as an opportunity to wrest power from the crown by marrying the young queen to a man of their choosing - a puppet who could seize control of the throne and do the Council's bidding.

But though Selenay was young and inexperienced, she wasn't stupid or malleable. She had absolutely no intention of marrying anyone she did not personally choose, nor would she allow her consort to take control of her kingdom.

Herald Alberich, now the Collegium's Weaponsmaster, and Selenay's personal protector, was well aware of the devious plans of the Council. But could Alberich protect his vulnerable young queen from the conspiracies to steal her throne that were brewing among the aristocratic classes of Valdemar and its allied kingdoms?
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