Faith of the Fallen

Goodkind, Terry

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Faith of the Fallen/Goodkind, Terr/Paper/0752889753/S004-C


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Publisher: Gollancz
ISBN-13: 9780752889757
Series: Sword of Truth, Book 6
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2008
The new Sword of Truth novel from Terry Goodkind lifts fantasy into a new arena. Emperor Jagang, having brutally subjugated Anderith, is poised to unleash his horde of the Imperial Order on the free people of the New World. As the conflagration of war ignites, the devotion of two people, to themselves, to their cause and to their duty will be tested in the firestorm. Faith of the Fallen is the awesome story of that struggle. It is a triumph of pure storytelling.

Kahlan lies close to death. And now Richard, the Seeker and Keeper of the Sword of Truth, who distrusts prophecy more than anyone, has had a vision. It is a vision that his obligation too truth compels him to obey. It is a vision which means taking Kahlan with him, away from the protection of the D'Haran armies. And it is a vision that will lead the people depending on his leadership to doubt his courage, but worse, it could leave them to a grim fate.

Meanwhile in Jagang's sprawling encampment outside Fairfield, Nicci, Sister of the Dark, is tormented by her memory of Richard. And yet, fascinated by his mysterious nature, she is still captivated by the inexplicable and troubling strength she saw in his gaze. Her burning passion to destroy him commits her to the unthinkable and draws her into an epic conflict of the human spirit.

Following the sweeping drama of Soul of the Fire Terry Goodkind begins a new decade with a powerful new epic of unequalled scope and intensity.
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