Farewell My Ovaries

Harmer, Wendy

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Farewell My Ovaries/Harmer, Wendy/Paper/1741145643/S047-C1


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Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN-13: 9781741145649
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
From Australia's best-loved humourist, a witty, erotic romp of a novel about life, lust and love.

'It was late when Claire finally found her means of escape from the dance floor. It was hardly the discreet exit she'd been planning for the past two hours. She was flung off the end of a giant conga line into a pot plant.

The conga line is like chaos theory in action, Claire thought to herself as she picked a dead frond from her cleavage. The theory goes that somewhere in the world a butterfly flaps its wings and eventually there's a tsunami on a remote island off Japan. It's the same thing with a conga line. The person up the front seductively wiggles a hip and down the end, sixty drunken idiots later, someone is whiplashed at terminal velocity into a miniature golden palm. On this occasion, that someone was Claire.'

Claire Sellwyn-Wallace has decided to throw her ovaries a farewell party - one wild night of unbridled lust before she says goodbye to all that.

This time it will be everything she has always imagined. This time she knows exactly how it will go. She's old enough, she's earned it.

But can you plan passion? And what's love got to do with it?

A warm, funny and sexy novel about life, eternity, hormones and hair removal.
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