Fury3: The Official Strategy Guide

Poole, Steve

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Fury3: The Official Strategy Guide/Poole, Steve/Paper/0761503897/S050-A1


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Publisher: Prima Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780761503897
Series: Secrets of the Games
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1995
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A race of cunning and brutal bionic warriors has run amuck in the universe. If they're not stopped, the Bions will take over the Coalition of Independent Planets. Even Terran itself is not safe! A novice yet determined warrior, you find yourself in the thick of this interplanetary civil war. Your mission: to fly among eight desperate worlds, infiltrate the enemy's strongholds, and destroy the Bions forever. Your greatest weapon - Fury2: The Official Strategy Guide. Packed with strategies and tips, this indispensable guide to Microsoft's fast-paced combat adventure game helps players successfully navigate through multiple missions on eight unique worlds. Inside you'll find: * Mission briefings that provide the crucial information you'll need to toast the Bions to a crisp * Secret power-ups, energy capsules, hidden tunnels, warp zones, and other items you need to be a winner * Special air-combat techniques guaranteed to crush the Bion scourge * A run down of the weapons you'll wield in this battle to the death. With this book you'll enjoy every level of the game, from the Egyptian-like ruins of Sebek to the prison planet Vestra. Peaceful citizens across the galaxies are counting on you, and with this wealth of knowledge at your disposal, you won't let them down!

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