Gateways, Book Seven: What Lay Beyond

Carey, Diane / David, Peter / DeCandido, Keith R. A. / Golden, Christie / Greenberger, Robert / Wright, Susan

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Gateways, Book Seven: What Lay Beyond/Carey, Diane //Paper/0743456831/S047-A1


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Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN-13: 9780743456838
Series: Star Trek: Gateways, Book 7
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2002
Created by the ancient Iconians, the Gateways offer instantaneous transport across unimaginable distances. Throughout the known galaxy, the sudden reactivation of the Gateways has destabilized interstellar relations - and forced several of Starfleet's finest commanders to leap through separate Gateways into the unknown.

Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek, The Original Series; Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation; Colonel Kira Nerys of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Captain Kathryn Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager; Captains Calhoun and Shelby of Star Trek: New Frontier; Captain Nick Keller of Star Trek: New Earth.

All of these heroes have taken the ultimate gamble: hurling themselves through a Gateway without any forewarning of what lay beyond. Now each must face his or her own unique challenge, while struggling to find a way back to the ships and homes left behind...
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Code: ST000325