Girls with Gay Pals: A Celebration of Friendship

Jones, Tanja Lee

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Girls with Gay Pals: A Celebration of /Jones, Tanja L/Paper/0977512207/S009-B


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Publisher: Tanjable Press
ISBN-13: 9780977512201
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2006
You would never find a gay man sitting in his idling car huffing and puffing as you came out with outfit number seven saying,“What about this one?” No, the gay man is lying on your bed, pouring you another champagne, designing your hairdo and applying your ‘Tears from a Tibetan Yak’ moisturiser on his freshly shaven face. He then tilts his head from side to side and holds up the number ten score card signalling that you are officially ready for the dance floor – three and a half hours later.

So what is the attraction between straight women and gay men?

Girls with Gay Pals reveals the challenges, heartaches, joy, debauchery and deception in the complex and deeply fulfilling relationships between straight women and the beautiful, inspiring gay men in their lives. From the Queen of the Sapphire Coast, London’s Heaven nightclub, Melbourne’s 80s subcultures and the Aussie Gay Mecca – Oxford Street, these real stories are for anyone who’s ever marvelled at this mysterious bond or for those of us who have become, or are about to become, soul mates, confidantes, mothers, aunties, sisters and muses. Share their stories of precious sons, dance partners, knights in shining white armour (or possibly lurex and white eyeliner), ‘coming out’ moments, travel, flirting, family and letting go of loved ones.
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