Gypsy World

Pedersen, Ted

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Gypsy World/Pedersen, Ted/Paper/0671511157/S048-A1


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Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN-13: 9780671511159
Series: Star Trek Deep Space Nine for Young Readers, No 7
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
The Fjori star trader Orak is strictly off-limits as it docks at the repair bay on Deep Space Nine. but Jake and Nog can't resist the challenge to steal a look at the Fjori star maps and find the secret Fjori home planet, Eden. It's an adventure - until they're caught! Suddenly they're trapped in the starship, hurtling through uncharted space. Not even Jake's father, Commander Sisko, can help now! Once they set foot on the forbidden planet, they must remain forever. Their only hope is Vija, a Fjorian girl who asks the Council of Elders to give Jake and Nog the chance to undertake the dangerous three-day Rite of Passage and win the right to leave. But first they must cross the burning desert, scale razor-edge mountains and steal a feather from the monster Graf - while six chasers follow, determined to destroy them on Eden's toxic turf...
ID: 12862
Code: ST000207