How to Put the Spark Back in Your Marriage and in You: A Book about What to Do and How to Do It - Starting Today

Easton, Jacqui

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Publisher: Crownside Productions
ISBN-13: 9780975208908
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2004
Do you want your husband to be exciting and your marriage to be romantic?

Has the spark gone out of your life and out of him - and you want it back?

This easy-to-read guide will tell you how to put the spark back in you and him - by making yourselves sparkle as individuals and as a couple. It will help you to be your own brilliant person and be married - at the same time!

This book will show you what you can do - starting today - to:
  • Feel excited about life again.
  • Find time every day to do the things you have put off for years.
  • Feel valued every minute of the day.
  • Fix up what is not working in your life.
  • Find your ideal weight and health.
  • Do less for others and more for you - without the guilt.
  • Look a million dollars.
  • Stop drifting apart from each other.
  • Sort out the money.
Packed with real-life advice, helpful activities and easy-to-do techniques that reshape your life from the inside out and the outside in, watch your life go from tiring and draining to exciting, high-energy and fun.

Life Stylist Jacqui Easton is a qualified enjoyer of life. She shows you how to grab life while juggling marriage, family, home, money, health, body, job and bad hair days. Combining her hundreds of discussions on love and relationships with her first-hand account of everyday loving, she provides practical and compelling new ways to feel great about yourself - and your husband!
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