Gibson, William

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Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN-13: 9780140241075
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
Idoru is a dense, funny, provocative read; a true Blade Runner for the Nineties' - John Williams in GQ.

'A five-minutes-into-the-future novel which parallel-plots its way through the twin efforts of a psychic "netrunner' and a naive fangirl to solve the mystery of a rock 'n' roll hero's "alchemical marriage' to a Japanese "idoru" or virtual media star. This is sharp, fast and bright ... A must' - Arena.

'Once again, Gibson finds new and compelling ways to couch the SF question first asked by Philip K. Dick: what is reality? And who is human? ... Along the way we can revel in the casually tossed-off detail of Gibson's post-millennial society ... And luxuriate in prose simultaneously as hard and laconic as Elmore Leonard's and as glacially poetic as J. G. Ballard's' - Charles Shaar Murray in the New Statesman & Society.

'Like his fellow "cyberpunks", Bruce Sterling and Pat Cadigan, Gibson writes about Eighties-style morality run amok. [It is set] In a world where profits determine value, education is a matter of "street-smarts"; and character is judged according to what kind of clothes people wear ... He is probably the best SF writer of his generation. And if his last few novels are any indication, he may even be getting better' - Scott Bradfield in the Observer.

'Slavic Barbies. A Franz Kafka theme bar. Nanotech skyscrapers that never catch the light the same way twice. And every word is where it should be - lean, evocative, tense ... Popular culture is Gibson's playground. Enjoy the ride' - Andrew Leonard in Wired.
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