Cook, Robin

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Publisher: Pan Books
ISBN-13: 9780330352888
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1997
To anyone glancing upwards at the night sky, it would have seemed like a brilliant shooting star… but moments later electronic equipment of every kind began to spark and explode throughout the city. The following morning, college student Beau Stark is the first to pick up one of the countless strange black discs scattered far and wide. With the first sharp pain, like a bee-sting, he becomes gradually 'infested'. His flu-like symptoms signify the revival of an alien virus implanted millions of years ago in mankind's genetic code - and since then lying dormant until the unwitting hosts are sufficiently developed to aid its relentless progress. Meanwhile, all over the nation, other human beings and creatures succumb to the same virus and start to behave bizarrely and symbiotically - as if controlled by some outside influence. As Beau assumes leadership of this growing band of the 'infested', his college friends quickly realise that something truly horrifying is happening around them. Desperately struggling to piece together the puzzle, they soon become hunted refugees in a desperate quest to save humanity - before the Gateway opens. In the chilling tradition of 'Independence Day', a terrifying glimpse into an unthinkable future.
ID: 13235
Code: PM001690