Hudson, Mathew

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Publisher: Mathew Hudson
ISBN-13: 9780975071007
Series: Flight of Ascension, Book 1
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2003
In the quiet villages of Greater Horrewick, South of the Forsaken Plateau, live a peaceful people. Struggling to break away from Jaccuraara, they soon find themselves under City dominance once more. Fishing communities, farming communities, yet more so, peaceful communities, they struggle over the oppression of Jaccuraaran Officials with their own children's lives.

Once again they face the trials, traumas and taxation of an overly oppressive City through the hardship of a relentless yearly competition: Selection. A City induced competition of barbaric proportions held for the benefit of higher classes therein.

Held in training pens in the Arena Complex until the last contenders arrive, the youths Selected from Greater Horrewick are furthest from the City and her eagerly awaiting Arena.

You do the math.

This year, however, the soldiers have done the unthinkable. They have selected a girl.

Travel through the forests and jungles of Middle Plateau, past tribal hunting grounds and communities, through airborne deliveries from massive blue toned flying men. From the attempted escape of one youth, to a nocturnal struggle with the jungles most dangerous hunting pack creatures.

Who will survive?

Who can survive?
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