Lily Quench and the Hand of Manuelo

Prior, Natalie Jane

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Lily Quench and the Hand of Manuelo/Prior, Natalie/Paper/0733616542/S047-B1


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Publisher: Hodders Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9780733616549
Series: Lily Quench, Book 6
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2004
Something strange is happening in the Black Mountains. People are disappearing, tanks and dragonets are being stolen and destroyed, the miners are in revolt. Countries held in thrall for centuries are breaking away from the Black Empire and declaring their independence, and General Sark, the usurping ruler, is powerless to stop the collapse. A strange Robin Hood-type figure, known as Manuelo, is held to be responsible. But because he fights under cover of darkness and is never seen without a disguise, it is hard to know exactly who he is or what he is fighting for.

A battered dragonet arrives, carrying four miners from the Black Mountains, they claim to have been in prison in the Black Citadel and to have escaped in a stolen dragonet during one of Manuelo's attacks. Now they have come to Ashby to ask for King Lionel and Queen Evangeline's assistance. But can they be trusted? The king is still holding out when urgent news arrives that changes everything: Murdo, the boy from the past who was with Gordon's army at Mote Ely, has stolen the dragonet and flown off in it.

It's another quest for Lily and Queen Dragon.
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