Yoshimoto, Banana

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Lizard/Yoshimoto, Ban/Paper/0671532766/S052-C1


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Publisher: Washington Square Press
ISBN-13: 9780671532765
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
'I shall refer to her as Lizard here,' but not because of the small lizard tattoo that I discovered on her inner thigh. The woman has round, black eyes that gaze at you with utter detachment, like the eyes of a reptile. Every bend and curve of her small body is cool to the touch, so cool that I want to scoop her up in my two hands. This may bring to mind the image of a man holding a bunny or a chick, but that's not what I mean. What I imagine is the strange, tickling sensation of sharp claws scampering around in my palms. And then, when I open up my hands to take a peek, a thin, red tongue lashes out. Reflected in those glassy eyes, I see my own lonely face, peering down, looking for something to love and cherish. That's what Lizard feels like to me....
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Code: BT000223