Lois and Clark: A Superman Novel

Cherryh, C. J.

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Lois and Clark: A Superman Novel/Cherryh, C. J./Paper/0761511695/S054-C2


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Publisher: Prima Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780761511694
Series: Superman
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
Lives were at stake on the far side of the world; and no other person on Earth except Superman stood a chance of helping those people if that dam went. Four more dams were downriver. That whole region, rocked by earthquakes and deluged by spring rains, was in imminent danger. In this exciting novel, author C. J. Cherryh takes us deep into the private lives and thrilling adventures of Superman and Lois Lane. As Superman struggles desperately half a world away to save a village threatened by a bursting dam, Lois Lane throws herself into the rescue effort at a collapsed hotel in Metropolis - and emerges a hero. Caught in the glare of national media attention, nothing in her life will ever be the same again...including her relationship with Clark Kent.
ID: 13673
Code: BT000148