Lost in Transmission

Harley, Jonathan

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Lost in Transmission/Harley, Jonath/Paper/1863253998/S048-E2


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Publisher: Bantam
ISBN-13: 9781863253994
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2004
"I grew up with lessons of Australian men as hardy, practical types, strong and stoic. They went off to war in jungles and deserts, and never had the need or time to talk about it when they came home. I haven't even fought a war; merely skirted its edges. But if Khurram is right and the soul can only travel at camel's speed, then mine has a lot of catching up to doà"

When Jonathan Harley is finally offered his dream job as a foreign correspondent, he is suddenly no longer so sure he wants it. He's just fallen in love, hard. But after a weekend of soul searching he knows he can't pass up the chance to become the ABC's man in South Asia - and the adventure of a lifetime.

Lost in Transmission is his funny, moving and disarmingly honest account of what it's really like not only to be a foreign correspondent but the ultimate stranger in a stranger land, struggling to make sense of life in a part of the world that never makes sense.

As he finds - and fumbles - his way around his new beat, from India to Pakistan, Nepal to Afghanistan and beyond to Iraq, Harley shares his misadventures, both terrifying and hilarious. From covering India's endearingly over-the-top reaction to the demise of our beloved Don to being the only Australian journalist in Afghanistan on September 11, he throws us in at the deep end with him while lurching from one hair-raising adventure to the next.

Whether he is laughing at himself or baring the absurd realities of war, Harley shifts effortlessly between the serious, the sublime and the ridiculous, but his take is never less than searingly honest.

Part adventure, part extreme travel, Lost in Transmission is the story of a young man growing up way faster than a camel can walk and confronting his humanity and sanity along the way. It is also a story of long distance love, and the true meaning of being lost and found.
ID: 21279
Code: RH001651