Lucy's Child

Hutson, Shaun

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Lucy's Child/Hutson, Shaun/Paper/0751507695/S049-D1


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Publisher: Warner Books
ISBN-13: 9780751507690
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
Beth Parker returned home one day to find a nightmare on her doorstep - in the form of her younger sister Lucy. After the mysterious fire that killed their parents five years earlier, Lucy had disappeared from Beth's life into a twilight world of drugs and violence. But now she was back, needing somewhere to stay. there is no love lost between the sisters and the tense atmosphere is strained further by repeated references to Beth's inability to bear children. Lucy knows how much it hurts - but she likes to hurt people. Perhaps that's why she carries a knife. But if Beth thought having Lucy to stay was a nightmare, having her gone was much, much worse. A tragic accident takes her away, but leaves a legacy behind, Lucy's child. and Beth's only chance at motherhood. But there are forces abroad that cannot permit what Beth sees as her right. Forces that will stop at nothing to prevent Beth from getting what she wants. And she wants Lucy's child...
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