Miles, Mystery & Mayhem

Bujold, Lois McMaster

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Miles, Mystery & Mayhem/Bujold, Lois M/Paper/0743436180/S009-C


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Publisher: Baen
ISBN-13: 9780743436182
Series: Miles Vorkosigan
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2003
Miles, Mystery & Mayhem was originally published as Cetaganda, Ethan of Athos and "Labyrinth".

In Cetaganda, Miles and Cousin Ivan go to Cetaganda to play the part of sprigs of the nobility doing their diplomatic duty by good old Barrayar. The idea is that they will gain diplomatic polish on this simple mission, but when the Cetagandan empress dies naturally and her lifelong attendant dies unnaturally - apparently a suicide, but there are rumours - Miles and Ivan find themselves in the thick of it.

Miles tries to play detective in a strange, complicated, and deceptively alien culture, while handsome and lascivious Ivan manages to get himself involved with several noble females at the same time - a diplomatic no-no of the first order. As the plot thickens, it becomes clear that to fulfil a boyhood fantasy and save the Empire, it's up to Miles to do the job. He doesn't mind exactly, but... the Cetagandan Empire?

Ethan of Athos - You might think that an obstetrician on a planet forbidden to women would be underemployed...

Not so; Dr Ethan Urquhart, Chief of Biology at the Severin District Reproduction Center, is one of the busiest men on the planet Athos. That is, until a mysterious genetic crisis threatens Athos with extinction.

Drafted to brave the wider universe in quest of new ovarian tissue cultures, Ethan braces himself for his first encounter with alien beings... women. But not in wildest imaginings is he prepared for an alliance with Commander Elli Quinn, an utterly gorgeous free mercenary intelligence officer, who has her own secret interests in Athos's problems.
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