My Point... And I Do Have One

DeGeneres, Ellen

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My Point... And I Do Have One/DeGeneres, Ell/Paper/0553573616/S006-B


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Publisher: Bantam Books
ISBN-13: 9780553573619
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
A Note from the Author: Hello and welcome to my book (and now yours). Thank you for your interest in my thoughts, my words of wisdom, and my recipe for French toast. Throughout the year it took me to write this, I wrote in solitude, recording my thoughts as they came to me, digging up old memories, pouring out my heart and soul. Then, at the end of the process, I hoped and prayed to God that there were a few people out there who would enjoy it. As you may have noticed, my mind does not work the same as most. That is to say, I'm sort of, well - different - and yet it seems to have worked for me. So as you read this, I hope it does what I intended it to do when I decided to write it. I hope it entertains you, inspires you, makes you laugh, makes you think, makes you smile, makes you feel better about yourself, makes you more aware of your feelings, makes you love your brothers and sisters, makes you more successful in life, makes you wealthier, makes you exercise more, makes you eat healthier, makes you stop smoking, makes you taller, thinner, more beautiful, more fluent in Spanish! Or at least makes you not regret buying it. Ellen DeGeneres.
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