My Sister's Child

Andrews, Lyn

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My Sister's Child/Andrews, Lyn/Paper/0747263655/S050-E2


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Publisher: Headline
ISBN-13: 9780747263654
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2001
For the inhabitants of Liverpool's Milton Street a steady income and a safe roof over their heads are precious luxuries. But the Ryan family have barely grown used to their luck at having such things when, one terrible night, a fire destroys the business their father Jack sweated to build, leaving Jack a broken man and his family wondering how much longer they can survive.

Conor, Jack's brother from Ireland, seems the answer to their prayers. But, as Ellen Ryan suspects, his noisy joviality hides a mean viciousness. With her mother sick and her half-sister Annie growing more sullen by the day, it's down to Ellen to fight Conor's drunken tyranny. Then when Annie leaves her unwanted baby on their doorstep and disappears from Milton Street, Ellen begins to fear not only for her own safety, but for that of the innocent child she has instantly learnt to love...
ID: 18118
Code: AD000263