Sharples, Heath

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Publisher: Equilibrium Books
ISBN-13: 9781920764210
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2003
As a small boy, Jack Thompson witnessed a creature killing a homeless man. Now, some forty years later, Detective Thompson still holds the belief that creatures exist within society. Most of his colleagues mock him, except for his young partner, Detective Spencer Avatar, gifted with a power that allows him to see more than any normal eye would see.

A crime wave is sweeping the city and just when the Detectives think they have seen every cruelty man can impose on his kind, they are called to investigate a shocking multiple homicide. A family of four lies butchered in their living room like pieces of meat.

When Avatar's gift leads him to another startling revelation, he learns of a race of mythological beings controlled by an evil wizard who is using the beasts to create a dark army, hell-bent on destroying the world. Avatar also discovers he is more than just a simple seer, and that he alone holds the balance of power between good and evil as the two warring sides vie for his allegiance.
ID: 21828
Code: EB000015