Names for Nothingness

Blain, Georgia

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Names for Nothingness/Blain, Georgia/Paper/033042159X/S048-D1


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Publisher: Picador
ISBN-13: 9780330421591
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
Just before she turned eighteen, Caitlin posted Sharn and Liam a note. She was leaving. She wanted no contact with them. They weren’t to worry. This was what she wanted.

‘Listen,’ Liam said. ‘This is her choice. We have to respect it.’

But it was different for him. He had never told her the lies Sharn had told her. He could look back on his past with her and know that it was okay. On the bad days, Sharn couldn’t even look at herself.

In her final year at school, Caitlin meets Fraser, a Satya Deva devotee, on the bus. Her life is instantly changed, and she gives up everything to be with him and to follow his faith. Her past means nothing to her – all that matters is that she is with her new family, a family who can give her what she needs as she pursues a path that involves denying the person she once was and the people she once loved.

When her mother, Sharn, hears that Caitlin has had a child, she takes matters into her own hands…

This is a story of mothers and daughters, of the pain of losing a child, in ways both common and unexpected. It is a story of letting go.
ID: 22022
Code: PM002276