Nebula Awards 33

Willis, Connie (Editor)

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Publisher: Harcourt Brace
ISBN-13: 9780156006019
Series: Nebula Awards
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1999
The Nebula Awards series has been lauded as "a monument of SF literature" and "an indispensable representation of the genre's best." This splendid volume continues that tradition of excellence. In addition to presenting the prize-winners and outstanding nominees for this year's Nebula Awards - the fiction honors bestowed annually by the Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America - Nebula Awards 33 includes the Rhysling Award winners for best SF poetry; classic stories by Grand Master Poul Anderson and Author Emeritus Nelson Bond; ten original essays; and editor Connie Willis's sparkling commentary. Don't miss this collection.

  • Introduction by Connie Willis.
  • Sister Emily's Lightship by Jane Yolen.
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider by James Patrick Kelly.
  • The Nebula Award for Best Novel by Connie Willis.
  • An excerpt from The Moon and the Sea by Vonda N. McIntyre.
  • The Flowers of Aulit Prison by Nancy Kress.
  • The Crab Lice by Gregory Feeley.
  • The 1997 Author Emeritus: Nelson Bond by Connie Willis.
  • The Bookshop by Nelson Bond.
  • Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream by James Alan Gardner.
  • The Dead by Michael Swanwick.
  • Rhysling Award Winners by W. Gregory Stewart and Terry A. Garey.
  • The Elizabeth Complex by Karen Joy Fowler.
  • Abandon in Place by Jerry Oltion.
  • The Grand Master Award: Poul Anderson by Connie Willis.
  • A Tribute to Poul Anderson by Jack Williamson.
  • The Martyr by Poul Anderson.
  • Alive and Well: Messages from the Edge (Almost) of the Millennium by Wil McCarthy, Beth Meacham, Ellen Datlow, Cynthia Felice, Christie Golden, Sheila Williams, Michael Cassutt, Kim Stanley Robinson and Geoffrey A. Landis.
  • A Few Last Words to Put It All in Perspective by Connie Willis.
  • Appendix: About the Nebula Awards.
  • Appendix: Past Nebula Award Winners.
  • Appendix: About the Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
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Code: HB000009