Necroscope: Avengers

Lumley, Brian

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Necroscope: Avengers/Lumley, Brian/Paper/0340792485/S056-B1


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Publisher: New English Library
ISBN-13: 9780340792483
Series: Necroscope
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2001
They're on the run! Now that their monstrous vampire "gardens" under London, in Australia, and on the Greek island of Krassos have been razed, two "Lords" and a "Lady" of the Wamphyri Malinari the Mind, Lord Szwart, and the hag Vavara have joined forces, leaving a trail of undead destruction as they flee headlong from Ben Trask's E-Branch and the dead-waking Necroscope, Jake Cutter.

But headstrong Jake has problems of his own. In the metaphysical Mobius Continuum, it appears that his blue life-thread - the emblem of his humanity - is gradually fading, changing to red. And not only red but blood red, dreaded insignia of the Great Vampire!

Could this be the downside of Harry Keogh's legacy? And if so, are Necroscope and Trask's ESP-talented Avengers - the team of precogs, telepaths, and locators - hastening in pursuit of their own hideous doom? Earth's fate is undecided, mankind's destiny on hold, the future a page as yet unwritten.

And the future was ever a devious thing...
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Code: AD000320